Mikayla Vacher

Mikayla Vacher

Mikayla Vacher’s Lyme Hack:

“Hey friends my name is Mikayla, I am @intentionally_mikayla on Instagram. If we haven’t connected before too, please feel free to reach out, my DMS are always open and I love being able to connect with other Lyme warriors, hear your story, help share your story. So please feel free to reach out. But I wanted to share a little tip that is something that I personally went through. And if you’d like to hear like more details about it, you can actually go to I think it was episode 50 on the podcast with Tick Boot Camp where I just kind of like talk about family issues and people not believing in you and how to kind of navigate through all of that so feel free to go listen to that too. But anyways, my tip, always trust yourself. This is happening to you and despite what anybody else says, it’s your body and only you know what is right for it. With Lyme being so, it’s such like a neglected disease with research and understanding and everything, you’re going to face judgment and you’re going to have haters and you’re going to have people that doubt you. But screw all of that noise. None of that matters because this is your body and you’re the person going through it. So trust yourself. Do not let anybody else have influence on your decisions and how you want to treat it if you want to treat it how you’re feeling. Everybody’s stories looks so different. And I really want to encourage you to feel free to reach out to other people in this community 99% of us have all been through this it takes years for so many of us to get diagnosed and we face lots of judgment and all of that just nonsense in the back. So we get it. But I want you to know that you’re not alone. This is your body. This is your story and you get to choose how you heal how you go through all of this, but just know we’re all here to support you.”

Mikayla Vacher’s Bonus Lyme Hack 1

“Hey friends, it’s Mikayla again, hope you’re not getting sick of my face because I’m here to share another tip with you. And this one is one of my favorites and it kind of makes me feel old using this saying because this was definitely from a few years ago. But I don’t even care. YOLO you literally only live once I know you have Lyme disease and I know it sucks. But that doesn’t mean you can’t live. Stop feeling like you have to restrict yourself. Stop feeling like eating a bowl of ice cream is going to ruin everything for you. No, it’s not. Take some binders, detox, you’ll be fine. Okay, I know that’s a little bit harsh. But I’m telling you, you only live once. Just because you’re living with a chronic illness no matter what it is doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy life. This is your life and you wouldn’t have been given this journey if you weren’t strong enough to handle it, remember that. But I’m telling you enjoy life, stop feeling like you can’t go to the beach and stay in the sun. Maybe you can’t stay there all day because you have heat intolerance or you have to get home and do some medicine. That’s fine, but at least you can go for a little bit and enjoy it right? Stop feeling like, you can’t have that bowl of ice cream or can’t have that pizza or that candy or whatever it may be. Because you can, you can, I do it all the time and I’m okay. I’m not healed. But I’m still enjoying life despite my illness. And I feel like that is so important. For so long. I was not doing any of these things. And I was miserable. I was like, Oh my God. I hate living with a chronic illness, which I mean we all have those moments. And it’s totally valid and it’s totally fine. But you still have to enjoy the little things in life. Don’t let living with an illness destroy your life because no, no. Okay, I’m getting carried away. But anyways, enjoy your life. YOLO remember that- you only live once. This is your life, you’re going to beat it all. You’re going to heal. But don’t restrict yourself so hard. You can still live a little and enjoy things and maybe it’s going to set you back a day or a few hours. But that’s fine. This is your life and you deserve to live it.”

Mikayla Vacher’s Bonus Lyme Hack 2

“Hey friends, it’s Mikayla here to share a little tip with you that I know I have. Oh gosh, where is it? Fallen? Fallen into? Fallen victim of? Maybe that’s it? Hello Lyme brain. Um, so I feel like with how we all share our stories on social media- first of all, it’s amazing and I think it is so important. And if you’re considering sharing your story, highly recommend it, we’re all here to support you. But with that being said, and I think it is easy to quickly fall into a pattern of feeling like oh my gosh, I have to do this treatment because this person is healed or oh my gosh I have to do this and stick to straight juicing because it worked so well for that person, so it’s gonna work so well for me-wrong. No, no, no, no. Just because we all have Lyme disease doesn’t mean our story’s the same. We all have different bodies and our bodies all react extremely different to different treatments and stuff. I know for me personally, antibiotics is what works for me. And there is so much backlash about antibiotics out there. And you could be a person watching this right now, thinking antibiotics, so bad, ruins your gut. It didn’t ruin my gut, it works for me and I will forever preach that it worked for me. But just because it worked for me, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for the next person. And I feel like it’s so easy to put so much pressure on yourself to feel like you have to do all of these different treatments and X, Y and Z and juicing and following a strict diet or doing antibiotics, not doing antibiotics. None of that matters, clear all of that out, because this is happening to you. This is your body. It’s your individualized plan. And you can take other’s advice and kind of like soak it in, go through it all Tanya wants to say hi, um, but don’t let another person’s journey make your decision. Because, again, all of our bodies are so different and we all react to different treatments differently. So I just want to kind of take the pressure off the table and off you for feeling like you have to do all of these different things because other people in the community are. No, do what works best for you. And that’s it. That’s all that matters. This is your healing journey, and it’s going It looks so different from mine even so, just remember that and remember that this is your healing journey. This is your body and only your decision matters.”