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We have created an official Tick Boot Camp blog all about Lyme disease and tick-borne illness to share helpful information with the community and advocate for better Lyme awareness, testing, and treatment options.

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Stefanie Smit

Beyond The Moment: A New Identity

Check out our guest blog post below by Stefanie Smit from Holistic Heartbeets. “Spoonie,” “Lymie.” I hear these words often in the new world of

human body

Lyme Disease Can Affect Your Whole Body

Most people don’t realize Lyme disease can impact your whole body, physically and emotionally. Lyme disease impacts your brain, heart, joints, bones, nerves, muscles, eyes,

Avril Lavigne’s Lyme Disease Confession

Avril Lavigne recently discussed her Lyme disease health crisis that left her bed-bound for over two years. In a recent interview with Billboard, Avril Lavigne described she

brain with the words "mental health" written on it

Lyme Disease Can Wreak Havoc on Mental Health

The mainstream media is finally reporting what we in the Lyme community have known for decades: Lyme disease can cause psychological and neurological complications. Recently, U.S.