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Monday , October , 26 2020
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Tick Boot Camp
Tick Boot Camp Inc. was created to help families learn the secrets of protecting themselves from Ticks and Tick Diseases including Lyme Disease.
Lyme Hackathon
In honor of Lyme disease Awareness Month, we will be sharing hacks given to us by the REAL experts of this disease, LYMIES. Each day for the month of May, we will share a video from a lymie detailing something that has helped them on their Lyme journey.
About Us
Matt Sabatello and Richard Johannesen are life long residents of tick infested Long Island, New York. They began a journey to discover the secrets of Ticks and Lyme Disease protection, detection and early intervention. Learn More
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Tick Bite Blueprint
View our Tick Bite Blueprint for step-by-step instructions outlining what to do when you're bit by a tick!
Tick Hacker
We have created a Tick Hacker Manifesto to outline the traits held by all of our podcast guests making them official Tick Hackers!

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