Photo of Lyme Hackathon participants

What is Lyme Hackathon?

Tick Boot Camp is proud to recognize Lyme Disease Awareness Month by featuring exclusive Lyme Disease hacks from the real experts: individuals who have been on a chronic Lyme disease journey. Lyme Disease can be a debilitating and life-changing illness that affects millions worldwide, and we believe that sharing the experiences of those who have lived through it is crucial in raising awareness and understanding.

Throughout May each year, we share daily videos from Lyme Bosses, highlighting various methods that have aided them in their battle with Lyme disease. By sharing these personal stories and tips, we hope to inspire and educate others who are on a similar journey, as well as to honor the resilience and strength of Lyme Warriors everywhere. Join us as we shine a light on this complex illness and empower each other to find hope and healing.

Lyme Hackathon 2024
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