Episode 50: The Home Wrecker Disease – an interview with Mikayla Vacher


Tick Boot Camp’s guest today is Mikayla Vacher from North Scituate, Rhode Island. Despite never seeing a tick in her life, Mikayla started to develop weird symptoms around the age of 12. She had migraines, anxiety, panic attacks, and a feeling of “overall doom.” By her junior year of high school, she had to give up playing competitive ice hockey, and couldn’t hang out with friends. Not only was her social life struggling, but her family life began to fall apart as well. Mikayla Vacher visited countless doctors with her mom, but none of them could properly diagnose her, and her dad didn’t believe that she was truly sick. He often told her to suck it up, or claimed that she wanted attention. The sole focus of Mikayla’s mom was making sure that her daughter got better, and her parents ended up separating. She then got her Lyme Disease diagnosis and has received various treatments since then. If you would like to learn more about how this brave young woman learned to trust herself and is now tackling Lyme Disease head on, then tune in!