Episode 49: Lyme Made Me Write – an interview with Jenny Buttaccio


Tick Boot Camp’s guest today is Jennifer Buttaccio from Chicago, Illinois. Before becoming sick, she led an active life that included teaching kickboxing, doing pilates, and making DVDs. Then, after she had surgery to remove an ovarian cyst, Jennifer Buttaccio’s Lyme symptoms started to reveal themselves, and her life was never the same. She had to give up all of her hobbies that required her to be physically active, and could no longer work as an occupational therapist. She was bed bound for almost two years. Despite not even feeling 50% back to her old self, Jennifer Buttaccio started writing, eventually becoming an editor for Dr. Bill Rawls’ website. If you want to know how Jennifer Buttaccio remains so driven despite being at war with Lyme Disease, tune in now!