Episode 177: Spiritual Resilience – an interview with Misty Rangel


Misty Rangel is a 33-year-old English Arts student from Fresno, California. Ms. Rangel’s Lyme disease journey began after a doctor assured her that a bug bite on her leg “was nothing to worry about.” At the time, she was an extremely fit professional performing artist, dancer and Zumba instructor. Over the next several months, she began to suffer classic Lyme disease symptoms forcing her to visit with 15 doctors before she was properly diagnosed with Lyme disease. Despite debilitating symptoms, Ms. Rangel was determined not to allow Lyme to “shut her up” and she enrolled in college to construct a new career and she dedicated all her available free time to serving the Lyme community through public appearances, rallies, and governmental lobbying events. If you would like to know more about how chronic Lyme disease inspired a professional entertainment artist to Lyme disease community activism, then tune in now!