Episode 178: Targeted Treatment – an interview with Gary and Alex Shope, MD


Gary Shope and Doctor Alex Shope are the father and son team working to disrupt Lyme disease diagnostic testing at medical start up Contamination Source Identification (CSI-Dx). Gary Shope is a serial entrepreneur who exited retirement to build CSI-Dx. Dr. Alex Shope, MD is a medical doctor who was inspired by his mentor to abandon the clinic setting and scale his work to offer health care solutions to thousands of patients worldwide. In the next 12 months, CSI-Dx will offer patients a set of affordable diagnostic tools that will remove guesswork from Lyme disease treatment. The testing will provide solid evidence of all active infections by identifying RNA through Artificial Intelligence (AI) to report all detected infections within 24 hours. If you would like to learn more about how the Shope family and CSI-Dx will use AI and RNA testing to give hope to the Lyme community and disrupt the diagnostic testing industry, then tune in now!