Episode 145: Timing is Everything – an interview with Chris and Amanda Dahl


Amanda and Christopher Dahl are the 44-year-old founders of Dahl Holistic Health from San Diego California. Mrs. Dahl is a certified herbalist, health consultant, bio magnetic therapist and Reiki Master. Mr. Dahl is a Reiki Teacher/Master. Mr. and Mrs. Dahl traveled an 18-year diagnostic journey that ended when they were tested by a doctor that diagnosed their minor child with Lyme disease. The Dahl family utilized antibiotics, herbs, medically supervised essential oils, bio-magnetic therapy and energy healing to rebuild their health. If you would like to learn more about how Lyme disease taught the health consultants, energy healers and Reiki Masters from Dahl Holistic Health that the timing of healing modalities is everything, then tune in now!