Episode 400: Holistic Umbrella – an Interview with Kenzie Vath


Episode Summary:
In this compelling episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast, we delve into the inspiring story of Kenzie Vath, a Lyme disease advocate, author, and board member of the Global Lyme Alliance. Kenzie opens up about her challenging journey with Lyme disease, the treatments she pursued, and how she transformed her struggle into a powerful advocacy platform.

Guest Bio:
Kenzie Vath, an influential figure in the Lyme disease community, has made significant contributions through her work on the Board of Directors for the Global Lyme Alliance. She is the author of The Ignored Pandemic: Real Stories of Lyme Disease and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Holistic Health. Kenzie Vath is the VP of Strategic Innovation for Pacific Hospitality Group, a family-owned hospitality management company in Irvine, California. Kenzie oversees asset management, including Capital Expenditure, Spa, Retail, Wellness, and Sustainability. In addition, she is the founder of Holistic Umbrella, a wellness-based lifestyle company providing coaching and inspiration to the Lyme community.

Key Points Discussed:

  1. Initial Diagnosis and Treatment: Kenzie’s journey began with a confusing array of symptoms that went undiagnosed for 10 years. She finally consulted with Dr. Dino Prato at Envita Medical Center, where she embarked on her initial treatment path after being diagnosed with Lyme disease and many co-infections.
  2. Exploring Holistic Approaches: Kenzie then sought the expertise of Dr. Chitra Bhakta in Orange County, California, further expanding her treatment options with a more holistic approach.
  3. Alternative Treatment Methods: Kenzie’s exploration of healing continued with the Restore Kit from Vital Plan by Dr. Bill Rawls, offering a natural approach to managing her Lyme disease symptoms.
  4. Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT): A significant turning point in her health journey, the FMT played a crucial role in improving her gut health, which is vital in managing Lyme disease.
  5. Educational Pursuits and Advocacy: With a Bachelor’s in Holistic Health, Kenzie has not only educated herself but also contributes significantly to Lyme disease awareness. Her book "The Ignored Pandemic" sheds light on the struggles faced by those with Lyme disease.
  6. Board Membership and Community Impact: As a board member of the Global Lyme Alliance, Kenzie actively works towards raising awareness and supporting research in the fight against Lyme disease.
  7. Personal Insights and Advice: Kenzie shares her experiences, challenges, and victories, offering invaluable advice to others battling Lyme disease.

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