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Dr. Bill Rawls

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Health Journey
Dr. Bill Rawls was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in his mid-forties. He developed insomnia, fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, and all the symptoms that collectively pointed toward a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Frustrated, he tried to make sense of the situation. His development of chest pain and heartbeat irregularity suggested something more than just fibromyalgia, but a cardiac catheterization showing clean vessels and normal labs for cholesterol, thyroid, and blood chemistries just added to his frustration. None of the symptoms added up, and his medical colleagues were just as puzzled as he was. Sound familiar?

Looking Deeper
He began to search outside conventional medicine. With no other solution to turn to, he steered away from conventional medicine and changed his healing methods. He began shifting his focus from unsuccessfully searching for a diagnosis towards health restoration. He became extremely vigilant about his diet, adopted a moderate exercise regimen that his condition allowed, practiced meditation, and learned yoga.

He’d always had an interest in natural healthcare and began studying and experimenting with herbal supplements known to have restorative value. Thankfully, these experiments started to work; his health began to gradually rebound… until the tick bite.

Lyme Disease
It was a warm July when a tick bite developed into a full bull’s eye rash. All the symptoms he had been experiencing for years came in spades. A Lyme test strongly indicated Lyme disease. He discovered a protocol for using medicinal herbs in massive doses to combat Lyme disease. People around him thought he was crazy. But he took a leap of faith… and he got better. Within three months, he felt human again. By six months, life seemed normal once more.

Thirsty to learn more, he devoured everything he could about herbs for medicinal use and health restoration. He read books, studied remedies used for hundreds of years, reviewed clinical studies, attended conferences, and spoke with other professionals well-versed in complementary and alternative therapies. He developed a deep appreciation for the difference the quality of ingredients and therapeutic doses make in determining an herbal supplement’s effectiveness. Everything he learned he applied to himself and his clinical practice. Over the years, he gained a deeper understanding of which natural health solutions work. The rewards he’s gained through his personal journey of health and wellness have been worth it.

Life forced Dr. Rawls into doing something extraordinary. He has been able to share what he’s learned and see how it benefits others. The knowledge he gained is different from what he learned in medical school, but he is a living testament to its significance. He created RawlsMD to be a reliable destination for health and wellness information. He doesn’t pretend to offer miracle cures, but he believes motivated individuals who want to maintain or regain their health will find the resources on his website to be life-enhancing.

Herbal Protocol for Chronic Lyme
Dr. Rawls has created the Restore Kit through his supplement company Vital Plan which was inspired by the Buhner Protocol. Both Matt and Rich from Tick Boot Camp have greatly benefited from the Restore Kit as well as many people that interact with Tick Boot Camp.

Consult with RawlsMD
You can buy the restore Kit on your own and don’t need a consult with Dr. Rawls’ team, but if you would like some additional support you can book a consult.