Omar Morales, MD

Dr. Omar Morales

Tick Boot Camp Podcast
Dr. Morales was featured on the Tick Boot Camp Podcast:


Background & Medical Journey
Dr. Omar Morales is a distinguished figure in the medical community, known for his innovative approach to treating tick-borne diseases. With a background in hematology and a passion for addressing complex medical challenges, Dr. Morales has dedicated his career to helping patients overcome Lyme disease and its co-infections. His journey into medicine, inspired by his father’s influence and a chance encounter with a Lyme patient, showcases his commitment to healing and research.

Innovative Treatments & Research
At the forefront of Lyme disease treatment, Dr. Morales has pioneered the use of apheresis techniques and other advanced therapies at the Lyme Mexico Clinic. His work with red cell exchanges, photopheresis, and dendritic cell therapy represents a cutting-edge approach to a disease that often requires more than traditional antibiotic treatments. Dr. Morales’s dedication to exploring and implementing novel treatment methods has made him a beacon of hope for patients facing the complexities of Lyme and associated diseases.

Significant Cases & Contributions
Dr. Morales’s career is marked by several significant cases where his determination and innovative treatments have restored health and hope to patients with severe manifestations of tick-borne diseases. His collaborative spirit and willingness to explore unconventional treatments — such as dolphin therapy for a young patient — highlight his holistic and patient-centered approach to medicine.

Ongoing Projects & Future Directions
Committed to advancing the medical community’s understanding and treatment of Lyme disease, Dr. Morales is actively involved in research and education. His systematic review of neurological complications associated with tick-borne illnesses and his exploration into neuroregenerative therapies underscore his role as a pioneer in the field. Dr. Morales continues to share his findings and insights with the global medical community, aiming to foster a multidisciplinary and integrative approach to tackling Lyme disease.

Contact & Collaboration
Dr. Morales is a board member of ILADS and remains an active participant in Lyme disease research and patient care. For those interested in learning more about his work, contributing to ongoing research, or seeking treatment at Lyme Mexico Clinic, Dr. Morales welcomes inquiries and opportunities for collaboration.