Episode 399: Struggles into Strength – an interview with Christina Glowac


Episode Overview

In this episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast, we sit down with special guest co-host Kahlil Fuller and Christina Glowac, a Lyme disease survivor, author, and advocate. Christina shares her empowering journey through Lyme disease, the challenges she faced, and the strategies she employed to manage her condition. This episode is not just about Lyme disease but also about resilience, understanding, and adapting to life’s unexpected challenges.

Episode Highlights

Introduction to Christina Glowac

  • Background: Christina Glowac is introduced as a significant figure in the Lyme disease community, known for her resilience and contribution through her book "Ninja Foods."
  • Focus of Discussion: The podcast focuses on Christina’s personal battle with Lyme disease, her family’s experiences, and the creation of her book designed for children with dietary restrictions.

The Origin of "Ninja Foods"

  • Inspiration Behind the Book: Christina discusses how her son’s diagnosis of Lyme disease at four years old led to the creation of "Ninja Foods."
  • Purpose of the Book: Aimed at helping children with chronic conditions, the book offers dietary guidance and emotional support.

Christina’s Lyme Disease Experience

  • Symptoms and Diagnosis: Christina shares her initial symptoms, the challenges in getting an accurate diagnosis, and the impact of the disease on her daily life.
  • Awareness and Education: She emphasizes the need for greater awareness and education about tick-borne illnesses.

Coping Strategies and Healing Journey

  • Importance of Lifestyle: The role of diet, movement, and sleep in Christina’s healing process is discussed.
  • Balancing Life and Health: Christina talks about managing Lyme disease symptoms while fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother and professional.

Navigating Misdiagnosis and Treatment

  • Challenges in the Medical Community: Christina’s struggle with misdiagnosis and skepticism from medical professionals is highlighted.
  • Turning to Holistic Approaches: The discussion turns to how Christina found relief in naturopathy and alternative treatments.

The Power of Alternative Therapies

  • Exploring Different Treatments: Christina shares her experiences with therapies like ionic foot detox and hyperbaric chamber treatment.
  • Financial Considerations: The conversation touches upon the financial aspects of Lyme disease treatment.

Children and Lyme Disease

  • Family’s Experience: Christina opens up about her children’s battles with Lyme disease and the importance of early detection and treatment.

Lifestyle Adjustments and Mental Health

  • Making Changes for Better Health: Christina discusses the adjustments she made in her diet and routine.
  • Mental and Emotional Impact: The mental health aspect of living with Lyme disease is explored.

Conclusion: Inspiration and Advice

  • Christina’s Perspective on Life: She reflects on how Lyme disease has changed her outlook on life and her desire to help others.
  • Practical Advice: Christina provides advice for those dealing with chronic Lyme disease, focusing on affordable treatment options and community support.

Final Thoughts

This episode with Christina Glowac offers valuable insights into the world of Lyme disease from a survivor’s perspective. Her story is a testament to the power of resilience, the importance of self-advocacy, and the strength of community in overcoming the challenges posed by tick-borne illnesses.

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