Episode 309: Two Monies – an interview with Kahlil Fuller


Kahlil Fuller, stage name “Two Monies”, is a singer, songwriter, musician, and entertainer from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Shortly after graduating from North Carolina A & T with a degree in marketing he “noticed a huge rash on [his] left leg” while working out at the gym. He assumed the rash was from a harmless “bug bite” until he began to limp 5 or 6 days later.

Prompted by left leg paralysis, Two Monies called his primary care doctor of 15 years. Expecting his doctor to diagnose his “problem and… fix it” he was surprised to “be let go by his doctor” without a diagnosis.

The medical surprises continued for Two Monies when his next set of doctors diagnosed him with a “complex and controversial” medical condition named Lyme disease. His diagnosed illness moved him from a stable independent life to “stressed, depressed and anxious”.

Working with a Lyme Literate Chiropractor in North Carolina and a Lyme literate practitioner in San Francisco became a game changing experience for Two Monies. Treatment with herbs, Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), probiotics, CBD oil, IV glutathione, infrared sauna, and IV antibiotics modulated his symptoms and expanded his quality of life.

If you would like to learn more about how two co-infections and Lyme disease gave Two Monies a bad rap, then tune in now!