Episode 398: Discovering Resilience – an interview with Ethan Peterson and Josh Lindorf



Welcome to a new episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast! In this insightful session, we’re joined by Ethan Peterson and Josh Lindorf, who have significantly influenced the Lyme disease community. Their story gained attention after being featured on LymeDisease.org, sparking interest in their experiences and contributions to the community.

Childhood Friendship and Lyme Disease Connection

Ethan and Josh, childhood friends who reconnected in college, share their journey from early years to their struggle with Lyme disease. They discuss the potential link between their shared environment and the likelihood of contracting the disease, providing a unique perspective on community health and Lyme disease prevalence.

Education and Outdoor Exposure in Utah

Diving into their educational background, Ethan and Josh highlight how their upbringing in Utah, with its emphasis on outdoor activities, potentially increased their exposure to Lyme disease. They reflect on the lack of awareness and education regarding tick prevention and Lyme disease in their curriculum, underscoring the importance of incorporating these topics in health education.

The Impact of Lyme Disease on Daily Life

Our guests open up about the profound impact of Lyme disease on their lives. They recount their personal experiences with symptoms, misdiagnoses, and the transformative journey towards awareness and self-care. This section provides valuable insights into the often-overlooked aspects of living with Lyme disease.

Navigating Diagnosis and Treatment

Ethan and Josh share their diagnostic journeys, including the challenges they faced in obtaining accurate diagnoses and effective treatments. Their stories highlight the complexities of Lyme disease diagnosis and the importance of persistence and self-advocacy in the healthcare system. Treatments included Disulfiram, Dapsone, Ketamine, ozone, herbal antimicrobials, and oral and IV antibiotics.

The Role of MyLymeData in Their Lives

Discussing the significance of the MyLymeData project, our guests explain how it has been instrumental in their understanding and management of Lyme disease. They delve into the importance of data collection and community support in advancing Lyme disease research and awareness.

Personal and Spiritual Growth Through Lyme Disease

Exploring the intersection of faith and health, Ethan and Josh discuss how their experiences with Lyme disease have shaped their spiritual beliefs and personal growth. They emphasize the role of hope, resilience, and community support in their healing processes.

Advocacy and Community Contribution

Our guests reflect on their roles as advocates in the Lyme disease community. They share their motivations for helping others, the importance of spreading awareness, and their efforts in creating platforms for education and support.

Conclusion: A Message of Hope and Resilience

Ethan Peterson and Josh Lindorf’s journey with Lyme disease is a testament to the power of resilience, awareness, and community support. Their story serves as an inspiration and a call to action for greater understanding and advocacy in the fight against Lyme disease.

About the Tick Boot Camp Podcast

The Tick Boot Camp Podcast, hosted by Matt Sabatello and Rich Johannesen, aims to empower individuals affected by Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. Through sharing stories, building community, and fostering belief in healing, the podcast provides a platform for support and success modeling.