Stefanie Smit

Stefanie Smit

Stefanie Smit’s Lyme Hack:

Stefanie Smit shares some things that have made a huge difference in her healing with Lyme disease.

First – do some form of detox every day. She personally loves using a sauna.

Stefanie takes a binder 20 to 30 minutes before going into the sauna and then 5 minutes before she rebounds (jumps on a mini trampoline) to get her lymphatic fluid moving.

She also adds castor oil over her liver and massages it in to upgrade her sauna session.

Second – try a coffee enema. She uses S.A. Wilson’s mold-free coffee, which is important.

She upgrades it with CellCore HydrOxygen and tangerine essential oil which increases glutathione in your body. You want elevated glutathione when healing from Lyme.

Stefanie is from Atlanta, Georgia. In 2016, her Lyme Disease symptoms began to interfere with her everyday life and her ability to be present as a mother and a wife. Her diagnostic and healing journey began after she was failed by 17 medical doctors. As a result of the transformation caused by her Lyme Disease experience, she became a function medicine Certified Health Coach and holistic nutritionist. If you would like to learn more about how Stefanie Smit’s Lyme Disease journey prepared her to help others manage and overcome chronic illnesses, then tune in to episode 63 of our Tick Boot Camp Podcast!