Erika Schlick

Erika Schlick

Erika Schlick’s Lyme Hack:

Erika Schlick is here to share one of her favorite Lyme hacks! Use your diet to optimize your health and to help eliminate symptoms being caused by certain foods you eat.

For Erika, one of her first symptoms was celiac disease, so she spent the first two years before getting a Lyme diagnosis working on her diet and working on her gut.

She learned what foods worked for her body. This can really change a lot of things for you too and it can help alleviate a lot of your symptoms. Even now, if Erika accidentally has some gluten, she develops a lot of neurological symptoms.

When you have Lyme, it’s so easy to blame every symptom on Lyme. Yes, Lyme sucks, it causes a ton of symptoms, and it can even cause food sensitivities. But many of your symptoms are a direct result of the food you’re eating.

You should do an elimination diet; it really helps you develop a feedback system with your body. Be aware of what foods work for your body and use that to aid in your healing!

Ericka runs The Trail to Health is an architect, co-founder of a user experience design agency, certified health coach, blogger, Instagram curator, and author of a cookbook. Her work has been featured on network television and radio affiliates from around the country (ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox) and the Netflix original series Afflicted. If you want to learn more about how a Renaissance Woman overcame chronic Lyme Disease and the actionable steps she recommends to protect and heal your family from tick diseases, then tune in to episode 21 of our Tick Boot Camp Podcast!