Episode 263: Petri Dish – an interview with Kate Petrie


Kate Petrie is a 54-year-old classically trained actor, voice actor, drama teacher, and makeup artist from Morayshire, Scotland. Drama school and stage acting offered her the opportunity to travel across the globe residing in France, England, and Spain.

Ms. Petrie spent her childhood in rural Scotland where she “was bitten by ticks many times.” She “had lots of health issues when [she] was younger,” but suffered severe symptoms including rashes, swollen glands, loss of voice, and “horrendous fatigue” after a tick bite at the age of 17. Her doctors diagnosed her with “ringworm” and “the kissing disease” and urged her not to “kiss too many boys.”

Despite growing up in a tick endemic community and suffering from classic migrating Lyme disease symptoms, she was not accurately diagnosed until she was 50 years old. Doctors misdiagnosed Ms. Petrie with Endometriosis, Graves’ disease, and arthritis. Finally, she hired a “private doctor in London” who sent her blood work to Armin Labs in Germany.

Today, Ms. Petrie has become a Lyme education advocate because she believes that if she had “known about Lyme” and had received early “treatment” her “life would have been very very very different.”

If you would like to learn more about how education can protect you and your family from Lyme disease, then tune in now!

PS Children’s Lyme author Alex Castellanos served as a special guest co-host with Rich for this interview.