Doctor Tiffany Brown-Bush

Dr. Tiffany Brown-Bush

Dr. Tiffany Brown-Bush’s Lyme Hack:

Dr. Tiffany Brown-Bush shares that the most important aspect in recovering from Lyme disease she’s seen in herself personally and all her patients is movement.

Sweaty movement. To whatever degree you can do it.

Moving your lymphatic system and helping the mitochondrial powerhouses of your cells to generate energy is so important.

Meet your body where it is and find a way to move your body to where it can comfortably recover without a great deal of soreness.

Going forward, nudge a little bit more on your limitations because all that helps your body to detox and increases energy.

Dr. Brown-Bush is a 41-year-old Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Mental Health professional, creator of the EAT-FIT safe weight control program and co-creator of the CRAVE DETOX allergen free protein bar. She began her personal Lyme disease journey in 2016 and after treating with 5 doctors for over 2 years, she was diagnosed with several Lyme infections including, Borrelia Burgdorferi, Babesia and Ehrlichia. Since her diagnosis, Dr. Brown-Bush has managed her symptoms with herbal protocols, the Freemedica Wave wearable frequency emitter for cellular and immune health, cold laser treatments, sauna treatments, QNRT and EFT. If you would like to learn more about how Dr. Tiffany Brown-Bush is using a diverse set of diagnostic and treatment tools to manage her own symptoms and the Lyme disease symptoms of her patients, then tune in to episode 129 of our Tick Boot Camp Podcast!