Kim Director, Actress

Kim Director

Tick Boot Camp Podcast
Kim Director was featured on the Tick Boot Camp Podcast:


Kim Director is a famous American actress known for her work in the Netflix series She’s Gotta Have It, HBO’s The Deuce, and five films directed by Spike Lee: He Got Game (1998), Summer of Sam (1999), Bamboozled (2000), She Hate Me (2004), and Inside Man (2006).

Kim has also appeared on television shows Sex and the City, Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, CSI: Miami, Shark, Life, Cold Case, Unforgettable, and Orange is the New Black. She had a recurring role as the Cavewoman on the series Cavemen.

Tick Bite
Kim was bit by a tick in New York City (NYC) in her early 20s, but she was not treated for Lyme disease because her doctor said “you can’t get Lyme in Central Park. You weren’t in Connecticut or Long Island, so you’re fine.”

Lyme Symptoms
Some of Kim’s early symptoms were thyroid problems, brain fog, weight gain, fatigue, migraines (over 15 a month), noise sensitivity, and eventually the left side of her face dropped. She had foot injuries for 10 years starting at this time. Kim became bedridden for all of 2020 and most of 2021.

Kim was diagnosed with Lyme disease in late 2021 after being misdiagnosed and told she was just a “tired woman,” her “blood work is normal,” “aging is hard,” and “you’re still beautiful” (when she presented with a dropped face).

Kim is treating with antibiotics, herbs, and supplements. She frequently uses an infrared sauna and colonics have been helpful in her healing journey. Kim is very careful about how she spends her time and energy. She has learned how to allow herself to rest.

Lyme Recommendations
Kim recommends practicing journaling (check out Nicole Sachs), getting a therapist who specializes in trauma, being around people who make you feel good and don’t drain your energy, saying no to people and situations that deplete your energy or don’t make you feel good, and finding other people dealing with Lyme disease who can relate to you and help you.