Episode 264: Through Grief to Healing – an interview with Kim Director


Kim Director is a Carnegie Mellon University educated TV and film working actor from New York City, New York. She has starred in HBO’s “The Deuce,” Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black,” “Queens,” “Blair Witch 2” and several Spike Lee films including “He Got Game,” “Summer of Sam,” “She Hate Me,” and “Inside Man.”

Ms. Director’s Lyme disease journey began 18 years before her diagnosis. She visited with over 60 doctors on both the east and west coasts of the United State. Despite presenting her doctors with classic Lyme disease symptoms, she was regularly failed by the medical community. She was misdiagnosed with “tired woman” syndrome, “aging” and “still beautiful” (when she presented with facial paralysis).

Her success as an actor required her to learn how to be gritty and to process grief quickly. These emotional skill sets allowed her to fight for a diagnosis and move through the medical trauma induced grief cycle to begin treatment almost immediately after securing a proper Lyme disease diagnosis.

If you would like to learn more about how to manage the sadness and loss caused by medical trauma in a way that will propel you forward on your healing journey, then tune in now!