Kenzie Vath’s Lyme Hack

Kenzie Vath

Lyme Disease Tip Summary:

Kenzie Vath, a Lyme warrior and advocate, as well as a board member of Global Lyme Alliance, shares two transformative treatments four our Lyme Hackathon that have significantly improved her ability to function despite chronic Lyme disease:

  1. Fecal Microbial Transplant (FMT): Kenzie highlights the importance of the gut in overall immunity and its role in combating chronic inflammation. After years of battling Lyme with IV and oral antibiotics, she turned to FMT to repopulate and restore the gut ecosystem. This treatment was crucial in improving her immune function and overall health. She strongly encourages others to research and consider FMT as a viable option for substantial health improvement.
  2. IV Ketamine Treatment: The second key strategy Kenzie utilizes is IV ketamine treatment, which has greatly influenced her mental state and helped manage her PTSD from ongoing Lyme disease treatment. The profound impact on her psychological well-being underscores ketamine’s potential as a therapeutic tool in chronic Lyme management.

Kenzie credits these treatments with making a significant difference in her healing journey and recommends that those affected by Lyme disease continue to explore and follow Holistic Umbrella and Tick Boot Camp for more innovative and effective Lyme management strategies. Her experience offers valuable insights into unconventional yet effective methods to enhance the quality of life for those suffering from chronic Lyme disease.

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Video Transcript:
“Hey, Kenzie Vath here from Holistic Umbrella, Lyme Warrior and advocate, and board member of Global Lyme Alliance. I wanted to share two secret hacks that I used to get to a place in my life to function, high function, with chronic Lyme disease. The first one is FMT, Fecal Microbial Transplant, which essentially is repopulating the whole ecosystem in my gut. As we know, the gut is such an important tool for our immunity and being able to fight chronic illness, especially inflammation, chronic inflammation. So after years of IV antibiotic treatment and oral antibiotics, it was critical when I did my FMT treatment, and I highly recommend you research it and look into it. It’s been life-changing. The second thing that has been a big hack for me is ketamine. I do IV ketamine treatment, and it has impacted my mental state and my PTSD from chronic Lyme treatment greatly.” – Kenzie Vath