Episode 414: Rise of Lyme – an interview with Adam Finnegan


In this compelling episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast, we are honored to welcome Adam W. Finnegan, a researcher, writer, and Lyme disease advocate. Adam shares his deeply personal journey through the complexities of Lyme disease, from his early symptoms to his profound insights into the disease’s connection with biological warfare and immune tolerance.

Dive deep into the discussion as Adam also explores his groundbreaking book The Sleeper Agent, revealing the intricate world of biological stealth weapons and the historical research of Erich Traub. Join us as we explore the transformational power of resilience and knowledge in battling Lyme disease.

  • Introduction to Adam W. Finnegan
    • Background and current work
    • Discussion of his book, "The Sleeper Agent"
  • Adam’s Early Life and Initial Health Challenges
    • Early symptoms and misdiagnoses
    • The tick bite in 2016 that changed everything
  • Diagnosing Lyme Disease
    • The struggle to find answers and the eventual Lyme diagnosis
    • The role of the IGeneX test in confirming Lyme disease and other infections
  • The Impact of Lyme on Adam’s Life
    • Changes in personal and professional life
    • How Lyme disease shifted his career path and personal philosophy
  • "The Sleeper Agent": A Deeper Dive
    • The concept of biological warfare and immune tolerance
    • Insights into the life and work of Erich Traub
  • Living with Chronic Lyme Disease
    • Strategies for managing symptoms and improving health
    • Importance of diet, exercise, and spirituality
  • Advice for Those Battling Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases
    • Encouragement and strategies for coping with the disease
    • Adam’s message of hope and resilience
  • Closing Thoughts
    • Adam’s outlook on the future of Lyme disease research and advocacy
    • How listeners can access his book and further information
  • Farewell to Adam and Closing Remarks