Episode 386: Divine Wryte – an interview with Serena Wills


In this enlightening episode, we sit down with Serena Wills, a remarkable individual with an inspiring tale of hope and resilience within the Lyme community. Serena, who’s now a health and wellness coach and an advocate for Lyme disease awareness, shares her compelling life journey, detailing her experience growing up in Queens, NY, navigating early adulthood, and ultimately facing a Lyme disease diagnosis amidst various life challenges.

Co-hosted by Taylor Brune, whom we are thrilled to welcome back to our podcast, this episode delves into Serena’s battle against Lyme, the misdiagnoses, the turning points, and how her indomitable spirit has brought her to where she is today.

  1. Early Life and Background:
    • Serena reminisces about her lively childhood in Queens, NY, and her love for athletics despite being a shy child.
    • Her journey through school, discovering her passion for Health Education and Human Services.
  2. Facing Adulthood:
    • Serena’s transition to Washington DC and coping with significant family losses.
    • How her close family ties and experiences shaped her life’s path.
  3. The Tumultuous Road to Diagnosis:
    • The unexpected onset of Lyme disease symptoms and the misadventures in medical misdiagnosis.
    • Finding the right healthcare support to eventually identify Lyme disease and begin the battle properly.
  4. The Lyme Battle:
    • The ups and downs in her health journey, detailing various treatment approaches, and the impact of Lyme on her daily life.
    • How the support from healthcare professionals and her relentless resolve made a difference in managing her symptoms.
  5. Venturing into Wellness Coaching:
    • Serena’s transition from a long-standing career in the nonprofit sector to discovering her calling in health and wellness coaching through Divine Wryte.
    • The significance of her experience in inspiring and coaching others facing similar health adversities.
  6. Looking Ahead:
    • Serena’s continuous fight against Lyme, her upcoming book, and her excitement about teaching the next generation of health and wellness coaches.
    • Serena’s take on how resilience, a supportive community, and the right medical team can transform lives, even amidst the most challenging circumstances.

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