Episode 385: Truth Cures – an interview with Laura Hovind, Lahra Tillman, and Leo Oppenheimer


Laura Hovind, Lahra Tillman, and Leo Oppenheimer from TruthCures shared their journey from being Lyme disease patients to activists, and now plaintiffs in a lawsuit. This legal venture aims to confront the misdiagnosis issue rampant in Lyme disease testing. The trio provides a comprehensive insight into their lawsuit, painting a broader picture of the challenges faced by many suffering from Lyme disease.

From Patients to Activists: The Origin Story

Lahra Tillman was the first to share her ordeal, recounting her tick bite incident back in 1993, which set her on a nearly three-decade-long struggle with Lyme disease. It wasn’t until around 2015-2016 that she began connecting with other activists like Laura Hovind to fight the misinformation surrounding Lyme disease.
Leo Oppenheimer, an attorney hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, shared his personal and professional experience with Lyme disease. The narrative of his journey provides a fascinating blend of legal insight and personal adversity, setting the stage for their collective legal venture.

Harnessing the Legal System: The Lyme Lawsuit

The transition to utilizing legal tools came from a place of desperation and a need for action. The lack of accurate Lyme disease testing led them to the lawsuit that Leo is spearheading. Their discussion revealed how the legal system could potentially play a crucial role in rectifying the diagnostic deficiencies that have plagued the Lyme disease community for years.

The FDA Meeting: Unveiling Truths

In summer 2021, a pivotal meeting with the FDA was arranged. The trio had previously discovered flaws in the regulatory pathway for diagnostics, which led them to present these findings to the FDA. Despite acknowledging their claims, the FDA’s subsequent silence prompted them to take further legal action.

Challenges of Lyme Disease Testing: The Lawsuit’s Focus

Their lawsuit centers around deceptive advertising by Lyme disease test manufacturers. The primary claim is that these tests, marketed to the general populace, are inaccurate and fail to diagnose Lyme disease correctly. The discussion delves into the intricacies of the lawsuit, the hopes for its outcome, and the potential ripple effect it could have on the Lyme disease testing market.

The Impact and Future Aspirations

The lawsuit has already garnered public attention, fulfilling one of their primary goals of raising awareness about the flawed Lyme testing landscape. The trio also discussed their broader aspirations for the lawsuit – that it would lead to better, more accurate Lyme disease diagnostics.

Through an engaging discussion, Laura Hovind, Lahra Tillman, and Leo Oppenheimer provide a thorough understanding of their ongoing legal battle. They shed light on the core issues that have hindered the correct diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease for countless individuals. The trio’s dedication towards bringing about a change in the Lyme disease testing paradigm is a story of determination, hope, and an unwavering quest for justice.