Episode 387: Dayly Wellness – an interview with Doctor Courtney Day


Delve into a riveting conversation with Dr. Courtney Day, a distinguished specialist in Lyme and Morgellons disease. In this episode, we traverse her transformative journey from traditional to naturopathic medicine, shedding light on the multifaceted interplay between pathogenic and environmental factors in illnesses and the cardinal role of the nervous system in wellness.

  • Introduction:
    • A deep dive into Dr. Courtney Day’s expertise in Lyme and Morgellons disease.
  • The Journey to Naturopathy:
    • Embracing virtual care in the age of technology.
    • The allure of Oregon for naturopathic practitioners.
    • Dr. Day’s personal health encounters that influenced her career pivot.
  • The Disease Triangle:
    • Dissecting the intertwined dynamics of pathogens, genetics, and the environment.
    • A deeper look into Lyme and Morgellons disease from a pathogenic standpoint.
  • Harnessing the Nervous System:
    • Balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems for optimal health.
    • Dr. Day’s innovative techniques for nervous system balance.
  • A Global Gaze on Health:
    • Addressing the shared global challenges in treating Lyme and Morgellons disease.
    • The urgency for robust health systems to confront these illnesses.
  • Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science:
    • Merging time-tested knowledge with cutting-edge practices for holistic health.
    • The spiritual and emotional facets of healing in Lyme and Morgellons disease treatment.
  • Tick Bite Protocols:
    • Dr. Day’s holistic recommendations post-tick bite exposures.
    • The need for potent initial treatments in light of Lyme disease.

Closing Thoughts: With Dr. Courtney Day’s profound insights into Lyme and Morgellons disease combined with her holistic approach to health, listeners are offered a fresh, comprehensive perspective on these specific health challenges and overall wellness.

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