Episode 297: Zack of All Trades – an interview with Zack Jones


Zack Jones is a 48-year-old professional guide, trainer, trip designer, and photographer residing in Frankfurt, Germany. He is the “Zack of all Trades” with his current company and “recently added smitten father to an amazing baby girl to the CV”.

Mr. Jones described his life before Lyme as “pretty good and at the same time full of blissful ignorance”. While on a trip to Honduras, he and a travel companion began to suffer from neck and back pain that progressed to fever, intense body aches, and diarrhea that rendered him “barely able to function”. After treating with an infectious disease doctor, he returned to work but suffered from 5 years of lingering mental health issues.

Ten years after his initial symptoms, he traveled to Chile for work where he suffered relapsing mental health issues including anxiety attacks, depression, and insomnia. Thereafter he began to suffer physical symptoms including jaw pain, fatigue, neuropathy, bone pain and air hunger.

After treatment with “30 to 40 medical professionals for one symptom or another” he was tested for Lyme disease and co-infections through Armin Labs in Germany and IGeneX labs in the United States.

Today, Mr. Jones is in the midst of treatment utilizing genetic testing from traditional naturopath Bob Miller to guide him through the use of herbals, the Wave 1 bio resonance device, and the Patricia Kane protocol.

If you would like to learn more about how a professional guide and trip designer is mapping his treatment plan through genetic testing, then tune in now!