Episode 296: Congenital Advocate – an interview with Jeni Quante


Jeni Quante is a 29-year-old Registered Nurse (RN) and chronic illness patient advocate from San Antonio, Texas. She has earned high regard from the Lyme disease community for producing creative educational content on social media platforms including TikTok and Instagram.

Ms. Quante was born with Congenital Lyme disease, but the undiagnosed illness did not become debilitating until the age of 14. Her disability activated her medically educated and trained parents who dedicated all their resources to advocating for their daughter. In total, the family visited “well over 100” doctors before she was diagnosed by a primary care physician. Her diagnosis took more than 12 years.

Despite debilitating symptoms, Ms. Quante graduated from college and nursing school, earning a BS, BSN, OCN, and RN. She also dedicated time to “engaging others in the chronic illness community and found some wonderful lymies who kept her going through the hell”.

This far, her 3-year treatment plan has included the use of several western and eastern treatment modalities, including, hyperthermia, SOT, herbs/tinctures, detox work, disulfiram, and biofilm busters.

If you would like to learn more about how Lyme disease played a role in transforming a Registered Nurse into a highly regarded chronic illness and social media advocate, then tune in now!