Episode 298: Cure the Causes – an interview with Dr. Christina Rahm


Dr. Christina Rahm is a medical, clinical and research scientist, entrepreneur, author, Chief Science Officer for ROOT Wellness, and Chair of the International Science Nutrition Society from Brentwood, TN. Her resume includes working for pharmaceutical giants such as Johnson & Johnson, UCB, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Pfizer and she has created multiple provisional patents, proprietary formulas, and trade secrets.

Dr. Rahm’s journey with Lyme disease and chronic illness began when she suffered multiple bites from a “bed of seed ticks” at the age of 19. Within two weeks, she became chronically ill causing her to suffer memory loss, headaches, fever, fainting, and to feel “generally sick all over”.

Driven by a desire to help the patient community avoid the physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma caused by chronic illness, Dr. Rahm managed her own disease symptoms while earning undergraduate and graduate degrees (BA, MS, Ph.D and Ed.D) and post graduate certificates from Ivy League Harvard University and Cornell University.

In her adult life, Dr. Rahm has survived multiple bouts of cancer that she believes were stimulated by Lyme disease.

If you would like to learn more about how Lyme disease has inspired professional, spiritual, emotional, and instinctive discoveries that have granted Dr. Christina Rahm the opportunity to help patients in more than 80 countries, then tune in now!