Episode 221: Parisian Warrior – an interview with Julie Comble


Julie Comble is a 23-year-old student and online tutor from Paris, France. She is studying English and Modern Literature at Sorbonne University, Paris.

Ms. Comble’s Lyme disease journey began with severe fatigue in her early teens. Three months after her parents terminated an unstable and often volatile relationship, she suffered a rapid acceleration of symptoms. She lost 17 pounds, suffered severe fatigue, neurological deficits, heart symptoms, and back, leg, arm, and foot pain.

Unfortunately, the proximity of the chronic symptoms to her parents’ divorce caused her doctors to misdiagnose her with mental health disorders related to her family’s trauma. After treating with scores of doctors over several years, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease by a French Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD).

Her doctors treated her with “many treatments” both traditional and natural, including antibiotics, anti-parasitics, probiotics, amino acids, herbs, and the “game changing” cycling of Rocephin and Malarone.

If you would like to learn more about how a young woman overcame systemic French Lyme disease denialism and diagnostic flaws before securing life altering medical treatment, then tune in now!