Episode 220: There is an answer – an interview with Hana-li Pendery


Hana-li Pendery is a 33-year-old entertainer, public speaker, business owner and entrepreneur. Her artistic parents named her in homage to the Peter, Paul & Mary classic song Puff the Magic Dragon.

Ms. Pendery’s battle with the Lyme dragon began when she was “about 16 years old." She managed her symptoms for over a decade until she lost the ability to sleep. Eventually her sleep disorder was diagnosed by a doctor who tested her for Lyme disease.

Knowing there was an answer to her health challenges, Ms. Pendery visited with almost every natural doctor in Florida to first diagnose and then treat her illness. Her treatment journey was guided by listening to her body’s signals that led her to utilize muscle testing, herbal supplements, ozone saunas, and ozone and UV light therapy.

If you would like to learn more about how an artist located her Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment by following her body’s signals, then tune in now!