Episode 219: Body Confidence – an interview with Liz Wolcott


Liz Walcott is a 36-year-old MBA/ CPA and serial entrepreneur residing in New York City, New York.

Ms. Walcott’s Lyme disease journey began in 2012 when she was “burning the candle at both ends” while working at a top US accounting firm In New York City. For several years she excelled in a demanding corporate culture with a code of conduct that required spin/workout classes before breakfast, long office hours, and mandatory after-hours social obligations.

Shortly after returning from a Hamptons share house summer retreat, she began to feel “heavy cold sweats, heart racing” and fear. She was “otherwise in great shape… so [she] knew something was wrong.” Her symptoms worsened to include neurological deficits, shortness of breath, tingling, and light sensitivity eventually rendering unable to work.

After visiting 15 doctors over 3 years, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease by an infectious disease doctor. After her diagnosis she utilized antibiotic therapy prescribed by one of the top LLMDs in the US, EBO2 ozone therapy, stem cell therapy and biomagnetism for pain management.

If you would like to learn more about how Liz Wolcott utilized “body confidence” and “modeling people who were successful” to regain her health, become a parent, and start a new business venture, then tune in now!