Lyme Disease Doesn’t Exist in Paris, France?

view of Paris from far away

Julie Comble, a teenager from Paris, France, struggled with chronic pain and was even put on morphine just so she could attend school. Despite the debilitating symptoms, Julie was repeatedly misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia and mental health conditions before finally being diagnosed with Lyme disease years later. Her story is a heartbreaking example of the lack of Lyme disease awareness, especially in France where many doctors don’t acknowledge the existence of Lyme disease or its persistent chronic form.

Julie suffered from Lyme carditis (heart block), neurological Lyme, and many other Lyme symptoms. Sadly, her case is not unique, as Lyme disease is a global pandemic that affects people all over the world. Many are unaware they have the disease, making it even more important to spread awareness and educate others about the severity of tick-borne illnesses.

It’s important to note that Lyme disease is not just a problem in the United States and France, but it’s a global issue. Many other countries are also affected by tick-borne illnesses, including Japan, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Mexico, England, Canada, and more. We’ve had guests from each of these countries on our Tick Boot Camp Podcast.

It’s time to take action and share this blog post or any other Lyme awareness post to help raise awareness and bring desperately needed attention to the issue. Join the fight against Lyme disease and listen to Julie Comble’s Tick Boot Camp Podcast interview to learn more about her journey and the importance of early Lyme disease diagnosis.