Deepti Agarwal, MD

Dr. Deepti Agarwal

Tick Boot Camp Podcast
Dr. Deepti Agarwal was featured on the Tick Boot Camp Podcast:


Integrative Pain Management
Dr. Deepti Agarwal is the Director of Integrative and Interventional Pain Management at Case Integrative Health.

Passion for Medicine
Dr. Agarwal always had a deep fascination with how the human body works. She’s been drawn to medicine in an almost primal way. As she grew, she became increasingly interested in how she could interact with others to help relieve suffering. She credits her grandmother as one of her earliest inspirations and the woman who first piqued her interest in the world of medicine. Watching her manage her grandfather’s Type-1 Diabetes was a masterclass in the power of combining naturopathic approaches and modern medicine. Dr. Agarwal would watch as her grandmother cooked up delicious, enticing meals that stabilized her grandfather’s blood sugar. Additionally, their everyday practice of breathwork and yoga was not only deeply fascinating, but Dr. Agarwal could observe the positive effect it had on her grandfather’s health. Food and lifestyle were as much medicine as his insulin injections. Using this combination, her grandfather led a full life deep into his 80s.



Integrative and Conventional Medicine
Dr. Agarwal was fascinated by the power of combining integrative with conventional medicine to produce better outcomes in the field of anesthesiology. Food is medicine. Movement is medicine. Mindfulness is medicine. This combination approach to wellness is deeply powerful and has the ability to not only relieve chronic suffering but aid in preventing future pain and complications. We’re only just starting to understand the “whys” underpinning these approaches, but seeing modern science unlock these mysteries makes this a very exciting field to be a part of. It’s Dr. Agarwal’s job to not only relieve the root cause of her patients’ suffering but to create longevity in their quality of life. This interventional and integrative approach helps you feel better now, but more importantly, gives you the tools to keep you well for the long term.