Casey Kelley, MD

Dr. Casey Kelley, MD

Tick Boot Camp Podcast
Dr. Kelley was featured on multiple Tick Boot Camp Podcast episodes:

    1. Episode 359: Frontline Of Lyme – An Interview With Doctor Casey Kelley
    2. Episode 275: Community Healing – An Interview With LLMD Casey Kelley
    3. Episode 170: LLMD Takes On IG Live – An Interview With Doctor Casey Kelley
    4. Episode 98: She’s Been There – An Interview With Dr. Casey Kelley


Conventional Medicine
Since the beginning of her medical career, Dr. Casey Kelley, M.D. continually asked questions about health, longevity, and healing that conventional medicine didn’t answer.

Seeking those answers, she began studying Functional Medicine to complement her traditional medical studies.

Integrative Medicine
Utilizing this multi-disciplinary approach, Dr. Kelley has been at the forefront of Integrative Medicine, devoting her career to treating patients in a highly personalized manner that focuses as much on overall health and wellness as it does on specific issues and diagnoses.

Board Certified in Family Medicine, Dr. Kelley was among the first physicians to add a board certification in Integrative Medicine as well.

Lyme Disease Specialty
Dr. Kelley has studied the causes, effects, and treatments of Lyme Disease extensively, and lectures nationally on this and other topics. She uses what she’s learned to help Lyme patients as the founder of Case Integrative Health.

Dr. Kelley graduated from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and completed her residency in Family Medicine at St. Joseph Hospital in Chicago. Prior to founding Case Integrative Health, Dr. Kelley practiced medicine at WholeHealth Chicago, Michigan Avenue Immediate Care, and St. Joseph Hospital. Dr. Kelley is a: