Episode 359: Frontline of Lyme – an interview with Doctor Casey Kelley


Welcome to another episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast. In this episode, we had the distinct pleasure of speaking with the incredible Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) Dr. Casey Kelley. The audio for this enlightening conversation is sourced from an Instagram Live interview conducted in May, during Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

Overview: Dr. Casey Kelley is an authority in the field of integrative health and a trusted voice in chronic illness communities, especially Lyme disease. In this episode, she answers pressing questions from the community, discusses her views on various treatment methods, and offers valuable insights on managing Lyme disease.

  • Introduction to Dr. Casey Kelley: Before diving into the discussion, our hosts Matt and Rich give a brief background on Dr. Kelley and her work at Case Integrative Health.
  • Discussion on Lyme Disease Testing: Dr. Kelley shares her excitement about the advancements in Lyme disease testing, emphasizing the importance of definitive testing to distinguish between acute, chronic, and persistent Lyme disease.
  • Debunking the Magic Bullet Myth: The conversation moves to the common misconception that there’s a "Magic Bullet" for chronic Lyme disease. Dr. Kelley emphasizes the complexity of each patient’s situation, reminding us that Lyme disease is often accompanied by co-infections and varies greatly from person to person.
  • Treatment Techniques and Recommendations: Dr. Kelley addresses a question from the community about healing depression from Lyme disease, recommending techniques like binaural beats and tapping. She also discusses the use of microcurrent neurofeedback in treatment and highlights the importance of prehabilitation before starting Lyme treatment.
  • Frequency Therapy and The Electrome: The hosts and Dr. Kelley discuss the intriguing concept of frequency therapy and the emerging focus on the electrome – the collective electrical activity in the body.
  • Managing Lyme Disease Flares and Herxes: Dr. Kelley talks about managing Lyme disease flares and Herxes, sharing her go-to anti-inflammatory supplements and remedies.
  • Lyme Disease Vaccine Concerns: The episode explores the potential pitfalls and misconceptions surrounding the impending Lyme disease vaccine.
  • The Role of SOT (Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique): Dr. Kelley shares her insights on the use of SOT in treating Lyme disease, emphasizing its role as a piece of the puzzle rather than a standalone solution.

This episode is packed with insights and practical advice from a medical professional who’s on the frontlines of Lyme disease treatment. Tune in to learn more about managing and treating Lyme disease from an integrative perspective.

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(Note: These show notes are intended to provide a general overview of the podcast episode. For more information and specifics, please listen to the episode in its entirety.)