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Doctor Leo Shea

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Evaluation and Treatment
Dr. Leo J. Shea III, Ph.D., founded Neuropsychological Evaluation and Treatment Services (NETS) in 2001. They provide neuropsychological evaluation and treatment services to individuals diagnosed with neurological, tick-borne (like Lyme disease), and autoimmune disorders. Since its inception, they have opened offices in both New York City and Boston. Their patient base is both national and international.

Dr. Shea offers a variety of services including but not limited to Neuropsychological Evaluation, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Remediation and Consultation.

Individuals are generally referred by neurologists, family physicians, pediatricians, mental health professionals, rehabilitation specialists, attorneys, educational specialists, and corporate and institutional representatives. Self-referrals and parent referrals are also accepted.

About Dr. Shea



  • Ed.M. in Counseling Psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • M.A. in Hispanic Pastoral Ministry from Barry University
  • M.S. in Clinical Psychology
  • Ph.D. with a dual specialty in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology from the Miami Institute of Psychology
  • Graduate of the Organizational Development and Consultation Program at the William Alanson White Institute for Psychoanalysis, Psychiatry, and Psychology


Dr. Shea offers customized psychological care to individuals with neurological disorders, traumatic brain injury, Lyme disease, other tick-borne illnesses, CFIDS, chronic illness, learning disabilities, and those who have experienced trauma and loss. He offers a variety of evaluation and treatment options for children, adults, and families. Dr. Shea’s focus is to increase awareness and understanding of the injury/illness and its impact, facilitate improvements to optimize the quality of daily life, and to promote an understanding of the role of resilience in healing. An important goal of his comprehensive services is to enhance individual and family understanding of the emotional consequences of illness, injury, and normal life stressors.

About Neuropsychology
Neuropsychology is the study of brain-behavior relationships and how brain mechanisms mediate human behavior. Clinical neuropsychologists use this knowledge to evaluate, treat and rehabilitate individuals with cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems.