Doctor Deepti Agarwal

Deepti Agarwal

Dr. Deepti Agarwal’s Lyme Hack:

Dr. Deepti Agarwal wants to help you get the best of the allopathic world pain treatment mixed in with the integrative medicine world. One thing most of us with Lyme suffer from is chronic pain. One simple thing you can do at home is to really try to do everything to get your inflammation under control. A good supplement for this is turmeric. It’s a general anti-inflammatory for your body and also studied to be very helpful in joint pain. You can even add turmeric to your food in addition to a supplement form.

Dr. Agarwal is the Director of Integrative and Interventional Pain Management at Case Integrative Health. Dr. Agarwal is a double board certified and fellowship trained Pain Physician and Anesthesiologist. She served as an Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois where she presented and published on a wide range of scholarly research on Anesthesia, Acute and Chronic pain medicine. If you would like to learn more about how the combination of eastern and western medical philosophies and the merger of integrative and conventional medicine can serve to defeat chronic pain and boost healing, then tune in to episode 260 of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast!