Doctor and Researcher Armin Schwarzbach’s Lyme Hack

Armin Schwarzbach

Lyme Disease Tip Summary:

Dr. Armin Schwarzbach of Armin Labs, a medical doctor specializing in Laboratory Medicine, shares crucial advice for Lyme Disease Awareness Month focused on a holistic treatment approach:

  1. Treat the Infection: Dr. Schwarzbach emphasizes the importance of directly addressing the infections associated with Lyme disease, using targeted therapies which may include herbal treatments such as those recommended by Stephen Buhner, like Samento and Banderol.
  2. Address Immune Dysfunction: Recognizing and treating immune suppression is critical in managing Lyme disease. Enhancing the immune system’s capability can help combat the disease more effectively.
  3. Manage Inflammation: Inflammation is a common symptom of Lyme disease and managing it is essential for reducing overall symptoms and improving health.
  4. Gut Treatments and Detox Protocols: Dr. Schwarzbach recommends focusing on gut health and detoxification as part of the treatment plan. He highlights Burbur Pinella as one of his favorite detox supplements, aiding in the elimination of toxins from the body.
  5. Healthy Nutrition: Alongside specific treatments, maintaining a healthy diet is crucial for overall well-being and recovery.

Dr. Schwarzbach’s approach, centered around the three “i”s—Infection, Immune dysfunction, and Inflammation—offers a comprehensive strategy for individuals battling Lyme disease. By addressing these key areas, alongside supporting gut health and ensuring nutritious intake, patients can achieve a better quality of life and progress in their recovery.

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Video Transcript:
“Hello to everybody. My name is Armin from Armin Labs. I’m a medical doctor and a specialist in Laboratory Medicine. Please, I want to give you a message on the way in Lyme Awareness Month. Please treat three “i”. Please treat “infection”, please treat “immune” suppression, and please treat “inflammation”. Please do especially gut treatments and detox protocols. As an example, Burbur Pinella is one of my favorites. Or you can treat Borrelia with herbs. As an example Stephen Buhner’s Herbs. Samento, Banderol, and also against viruses. We have wonderful protocols. So please treat the “i”. Please treat “the infection”, the “immune” dysfunction, and the “inflammation” and then you will feel much better. And please do healthy nutrition and treat your gut. Thank you and bye, bye.” – Armin Schwarzbach