Noah Johnston’s Lyme Hack

Noah Johnston

Lyme Disease Tip Summary:

Noah, representing Project Lyme, introduces a valuable online tool developed in collaboration with Dr. Richard Horowitz for the Tick Boot Camp Lyme Hackathon. This tool is designed to enhance the early detection of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases:

  1. Online Symptom Questionnaire: Available at, this tool allows individuals to input their symptoms and the locations they’ve visited that may have exposed them to tick-borne diseases.
  2. Purpose of the Tool: The questionnaire is designed to help users assess their risk of having a tick-borne disease before they visit a doctor. It consolidates symptom data and exposure history to provide a preliminary clinical assessment.
  3. Disclaimer and Utility: While not a definitive diagnostic tool, it serves as a strong indicator of the possibility of a tick-borne disease, helping users make informed decisions about seeking professional medical advice.
  4. Encouragement to Use: Noah encourages everyone potentially exposed to ticks to utilize this tool to assess their symptoms. It’s a proactive step towards managing health risks associated with tick-borne illnesses.

This online questionnaire is part of a broader effort by Project Lyme and Dr. Horowitz to provide accessible resources for early detection and awareness of Lyme disease, aiming to facilitate early intervention and better health outcomes for those at risk.

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Video Transcript:
“Hi everyone, my name is Noah with Project Lyme. I’m excited to submit this video for our amazing partner, Tick Boot Camp. My hack for you today is an online symptom questionnaire that we’ve developed in partnership with Dr. Richard Horowitz. You can access it at for more information. You will essentially be able to enter all of your symptom presentations, and locations that you’ve been to that may have put you at risk for tick-borne disease and essentially get a clinical diagnosis prior to actually going to see your doctor. Now, just a quick disclaimer, it’s not a guarantee of a positive diagnosis, but it’s going to be a really good indicator of whether or not tick-borne disease is possible for you. So I really encourage you to check it out. And thanks again, Tick Boot Camp for hosting this hackathon. I hope people get some really great information out of it.” – Noah Johnston