Ali Moresco’s Lyme Hack

Ali Moresco

Lyme Disease Tip Summary:

Ali Moresco, an eight-year Lyme disease survivor, shares her personal hack for managing Lyme disease symptoms through detoxification in our Lyme Hackathon:

  1. Importance of Detoxifying the Body: Ali emphasizes the critical role of detoxifying the body to alleviate symptoms associated with Lyme disease.
  2. Using High-Quality Binders: The first step in her detox regimen involves taking high-quality binders. These substances help in binding toxins in the body, making them easier to eliminate.
  3. Methods for Sweating Out Toxins: After binding the toxins, Ali focuses on expelling them through sweat. She employs several methods to encourage sweating:
    1. Infrared Sauna: Utilizing the deep heat from an infrared sauna to promote sweating and toxin release.
    2. Outdoor Activities: Engaging in long walks outdoors, especially in warm weather, to naturally induce sweating.
    3. Epsom Salt Baths: Take baths with Epsom salt to relax, sweat, and detoxify through the skin.

Ali’s approach to managing Lyme disease includes a two-step detox process that helps significantly reduce the burden of toxins in the body, which can be particularly beneficial for those suffering from chronic Lyme disease. Her practical advice offers a straightforward method to support overall health and alleviate symptoms.

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Video Transcript:
“Hi guys, my name is Ali Moresco. I am an eight-year Lyme warrior. I have a hack for you today and that is to detoxify your body. Detoxing my body has been a massive help for me. I always make sure that I take a high-quality binder and then I sweat. Whether it’s an infrared sauna, whether it’s going for a long walk outside when it’s hot out, whether it’s taking an Epsom salt bath, I make sure that I bind my toxins then I get them out. I hope that’s helpful. Bye.” – Ali Moresco