Lyme Disease’s Far-Reaching Effects: Exploring Links to Dementia, Liver Damage, Leukemia, Brain Cancer, and Suicide


Join the Tick Boot Camp Podcast hosts Matt Sabatello and Richard Johansen as they embark on a fascinating journey into the realm of Lyme disease with the trailblazing Dr. Alan McDonald. In this captivating episode, Dr. McDonald shares his remarkable research, uncovering the connections between Lyme disease and various health issues such as Lewy body dementia, liver damage, leukemia, and more. This blog post encapsulates the key findings from the interview and emphasizes the importance of expanding our knowledge of Lyme disease to better serve patients and their unique experiences.

Lyme Disease Triggers Lewy Body Dementia
Dr. McDonald’s research has uncovered a connection between Lyme disease and Lewy body dementia, a neurodegenerative disorder that affects the brain. Previously, it was thought that Lewy bodies were protein-related structures causing damage to neurons. However, Dr. McDonald’s research revealed that the Lewy bodies contain Borrelia DNA, the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease. This discovery has implications for understanding the brain infection in neurological Lyme disease and the need for early diagnosis and intervention.

Lyme Disease Causes Liver Damage
Dr. McDonald’s research has found that nearly 20% of acute early Lyme patients have liver issues related to the disease. These liver infections can lead to liver damage, affecting the body’s detoxification process. Early treatment of Lyme disease can help prevent these complications and ensure a better outcome for patients.

Lyme Disease Linked to Leukemia
Dr. McDonald’s research has also found a connection between Lyme disease and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Understanding this link can potentially lead to better diagnosis and treatment options for patients suffering from both conditions.

Lyme Disease Initiated Brain Cancer
The podcast discusses Dr. McDonald’s ongoing research on glioblastomas, a form of brain cancer, and its connection to Lyme disease. His findings could potentially lead to new treatment options and a better understanding of the disease’s impact on the brain.

Lyme Disease and Suicide
Finally, the podcast addresses the connection between Lyme disease and suicide. Dr. McDonald emphasizes the importance of understanding this connection and providing support and treatment for patients struggling with the psychological impact of Lyme disease.

Lyme Disease Intelligently Evades Tests
The podcast also highlights the issue of false-negative results in Lyme disease testing. Dr. McDonald’s research shows that the Lyme bacteria can sequester itself in the body, using the immune response to protect the spirochete. This sequestering process can lead to false-negative test results, leaving many Lyme patients undiagnosed and untreated.

Tune In and Learn More
Discover these invaluable insights in greater detail by tuning in to Tick Boot Camp Podcast episode 300, titled “Ahead of the Curve” featuring the esteemed Dr. MacDonald. Don’t miss the opportunity to listen and learn from a true expert in the field of Lyme disease! PS also check out episode 171, “Lyme Doctor’s Doctor” to learn more from Dr. MacDonald.