Episode 171: Lyme Doctor’s Doctor – an interview with Doctor Alan MacDonald

Dr. Alan MacDonald

Dr. Alan MacDonald is an Ivy League educated medical doctor and the first Lyme Literate Pathologist. Dr. MacDonald practiced as a "Doctor’s Doctor" on Long Island, New York at the onset of the Lyme disease pandemic. Dr. MacDonald pioneered the use of pathological techniques to prove that untreated Lyme disease can result in a patient’s death. He also perfected direct diagnostic testing to prove seronegative chronic active Lyme disease. Additionally, Dr. MacDonald proved Lyme disease caused fetal deaths, stillbirths, and sudden infant deaths. Lastly, he was the first to link Alzheimer’s disease to Lyme infections. If you would like to learn more about how America’s first Lyme Literate Pathologist pioneered many of the mainstream diagnostic and treatment techniques used by medical practitioners and Lyme researchers, then tune in now!