Stacy Johnson: Actress, Singer, Song Writer, Director, Producer, and Stunt Woman

Stacy Johnson

Tick Boot Camp Podcast
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Stacy Johnson is and American actress, singer, song writer, director, producer, and stunt woman.

Lyme Disease Documentary
Stacy is finalizing a documentary about Lyme disease, currently slated to run on Netflix later this year, called “Lyme Disease: Beating Back Death.”

Scream Queen
Stacy’s career has seen decades of horror genres establishing her as a scream queen. She has appeared in and/or produced films including Grass Hook Massacre, The Haunted Couple, Hollywood Tragedy: The Death of Robin Williams, Nest of Vampires, American Bigfoot, Deadly Tales III, IT Chapter Two, The Conjuring, and the Halloween movies to name a few.

Acting Career
Stacy’s acting career has brought her into film and television series including Heroes, Ozark, Greenland, and The Christmas Card. Stacy’s stunt work has led her to fire breathing on The Greatest Showman and on the Iron Man movies.

Stacy has produced and won awards for her documentary films Hursit, which won 11 awards. She has also produced The Sun Sets which won four awards.

SJD Acting Studio
Stacy Johnson and her husband Scott Dukelow manage SJD Acting Studio that coaches’ students on acting and the film industry.