Episode 261: Beating Back Death – an interview with Stacy Johnson, Scott Dukelow, and Doctor Jeff Lawson

Stacy Johnson

Stacy Johnson is a TV and film working actor, singer, director, producer, and stunt woman. Her acting career began at the age of 4 on Sesame Street and has blossomed to include high profile projects like “Heroes,” “Ozark,” “The Greatest Showman,” “Halloween,” and “Iron Man” movies. She has produced and won awards for her documentary films "Hursit" and “The Sun Sets.”

As a successful actress, Ms. Johnson has taught students on acting and in furthering their careers. She and her husband Scott Dukelow manage SJD Acting Studio that coaches students on acting and the film industry.

Ms. Johnson’s Lyme disease journey began with a tick bite in 2005. Despite developing classic Lyme disease symptoms and working with scores of the top doctors in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and North Carolina, she was not diagnosed until after more than a decade of suffering.

Prior to securing a Lyme disease diagnosis, she suffered from migrating neurological and cardiac symptoms. In 2015 she had to be resuscitated by emergency service personnel after her heart stopped during a visit to a McDonald’s restaurant in Chicago.

Desperate for answers for her health crisis, Ms. Johnson visited Dr. Jeffrey Lawson, MD at the Piedmont Arthritis Clinic located in South Carolina. Working with Ms. Johnson and her husband, Dr. Lawson diagnosed and treated Ms. Johnson for Lyme disease.

The lengthy and painful encounter with Lyme disease inspired Ms. Johnson, Mr. Dukelow, and Dr. Lawson to tell their story on film. The documentary “Lyme Disease: Beating Back Death” is slated to complete filming and to be released on Netflix later this year.

If you would like to learn more about how an actor and her team beat back death secondary to Lyme disease, then tune in now!