Sarah Brunner’s Lyme Hack

Sara Brunner

Lyme Disease Tip Summary:

During the 2024 Tick Boot Camp Lyme Hackathon, Sara Brunner shared valuable insights on preventing tick infestations in pets and humans:

  1. Concerns with Traditional Tick Prevention: Sara previously used chewable tick prevention tablets for her dog, which caused her anxiety due to potential side effects. This concern led her to seek alternative solutions.
  2. Discovery of Tickless Devices: Sara discovered Tickless Devices, a chemical-free alternative that uses ultrasonic technology to repel ticks and fleas. The device, which attaches to a pet’s collar, emits ultrasonic noises that are inaudible to both humans and animals but effective in preventing ticks and fleas.
  3. Adoption for Human Use: Encouraged by the effectiveness of the Tickless device for her dog, Sara and her husband Steven also began using these devices. They wear them during outdoor activities such as camping and bonfires to protect themselves from ticks.
  4. Chemical-Free Assurance: The absence of chemicals in the Tickless devices gives Sara peace of mind about the safety of her family and pet. She emphasizes the importance of using safe and effective methods to protect against ticks, highlighting the device’s role in keeping their beloved dog, Vincent, and themselves safe from tick-borne diseases.

Sara Brunner’s approach to tick prevention emphasizes safety and natural methods, offering a viable alternative to traditional chemical-based products, and illustrates a proactive stance in managing tick exposure for both pets and their owners.

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Video Transcript:
“Hey friends, thank you for being here for the 2024 Tick Boot Camp Lyme Hackathon. I’m coming with a prevention tip. something that I do every year is talk about preventing our pets because I think it’s super important. My worst fear is that for him [dog] to be outside and a tick either gets caught somewhere in all this mess of hair, or it actually embeds itself in him and he brings it into our house. For years, I was giving them a chewable tablet from the vet. And I felt a lot of guilt about it every year, I felt a lot of anxiety about it, there are side effects to using these things. To me, it felt like the lesser of two evils to be giving them to them. But last year, I came across something new, and that is the Tickless devices. It is just a small ultrasonic device. He wears it on his collar, and it helps prevent ticks and fleas. So it makes all these tiny ultrasonic noises that we can’t hear. They don’t bother Vincent [dog], and there’s no chemicals involved. So I feel really good about keeping him safe. And the really cool part is they have them for humans too. So Steven [husband], and I also have them and we wear them when we are out camping, when we’re out on the property when we are having bonfires, that sort of thing. So we can help keep ourselves safe. And Vincent gets his very own as well and I can feel really good about the fact that there’s no chemicals and nothing that’s going to hurt him. Because to us, he’s family, you can tell, he’s kind of like a shadow or a piece of velcro that’s always stuck to my side. So keeping him safe is super important to keep us safe too.” – Sara Brunner