Maria Mooney’s Lyme Hack

Maria Mooney

Lyme Disease Tip Summary:

Maria Mooney shares her personal journey and insights on managing late-stage neurological Lyme disease on our Tick Boot Camp Lyme Hackathon. Her message focuses on the importance of nutrition during Lyme disease treatment, emphasizing not just the quality of food but also the quantity needed for recovery. Here’s a concise summary of her key points:

  • Introduction: Maria Mooney introduces herself to the Tick Boot Camp family, sharing her 9-year experience with treating and healing late-stage neurological Lyme disease.
  • Primary Advice: Her main Lyme hack for the year is centered on nutrition, specifically the importance of eating healthy, nourishing foods.
  • Emphasis on Quantity: Maria highlights the necessity of eating enough food, acknowledging the challenges faced during treatment but underscoring its importance for healing.
  • Nutritional Needs: She explains that fighting infections and detoxing the body require sufficient calories, minerals, and nutrients, all of which are obtained from food.
  • Beyond Eating Disorders: Recognizing that many in the Lyme community may struggle with disordered eating, Maria emphasizes that Lyme disease teaches the importance of not only eating well but also ensuring adequate intake.

Maria’s advice serves as a crucial reminder for those battling Lyme disease that nourishment goes beyond just eating healthily; it’s about consuming enough to support the body’s healing process. Her insights offer valuable guidance for individuals navigating the complexities of Lyme disease treatment, underscoring the role of nutrition in recovery.

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Video Transcript:
“Hi, Tick Boot Camp family. My name is Maria and I’ve been treating and healing late-stage neuro Lyme for the past nine years. My Lyme hack this year is to eat. I’m going to add a little something extra to it. It’s not just to eat healthy, nourishing, good-for-you foods. It’s to eat enough. I know that can be difficult during treatment, but it’s super important because fighting these infections, healing your body, and detoxing even requires calories, minerals, and nutrients that come from the food we eat. So I know many of us come from disordered eating backgrounds. But if there’s one thing that Lyme can teach you, besides patience, it’s to make sure that you eat well and that you eat enough. I hope that helped.” – Maria Mooney