Lacey Anderson’s Lyme Hack

Lacey Anderson

Lyme Disease Tip Summary:

Lacey Anderson, a neurological Lyme disease patient from Canada, shares her personal hacks on the Tick Boot Camp Lyme Hackathon to aid others in their healing journey. Her tips are:

  1. Companion Dog: Lacey credits her dog as a lifesaver, helping her to walk short distances and regulate her nervous system. The presence of a pet can be therapeutic and provide emotional support during tough times.
  2. Co-Regulation for Nervous System: This concept involves aligning a dysregulated nervous system with a more stable one, like that of a pet or another person. Lacey found co-regulation particularly helpful during her bedridden days, with her dog Zas playing a crucial role in this process.
  3. Medicinal THC for Headache Pain: Lacey found relief from severe thunderclap headaches through the use of medicinal THC, a specific strain prescribed by her medical team. This option, although not suitable for everyone, was effective for her, especially when other treatments failed to alleviate her intense brain pain.

Lacey hopes these hacks, which have significantly helped her in managing symptoms, will be beneficial to others dealing with similar challenges. She emphasizes the importance of finding what works best for individual needs and circumstances.

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Video Transcript:
“Hi everyone, Lacey here from Canada. I’m healing from neurological Lyme disease. And I’m here to tell you about some Lyme hacks. And this is for the Tick Boot Camp Podcast. So hopefully they’re helpful. So hack number one, right here. Dog. Hack number one, dog. Life saving for me. Helped keep me walking short distances, and helped regulate my nervous system. So that’s sort of hack number two, co-regulation. And in short form, that is essentially when a more hyperactive or dysregulated nervous system adjusts to the nervous system of someone or something in close proximity. So my dog Zas helped me through that when I was laying in bed and when I was sicker. Hack number three, and it’s not for everybody, is for severe thunderclap headache pain. The only thing that helped me was actually medicinal THC, a certain type of strain, which was actually prescribed to me by part of my medical team here because none of the other things really seemed to work to get to my brain because my brain was in such pain. So that’s Hack number three. If it works for you and where you live it’s it’s allotted. For me, that was the only thing that seemed to help with the pain in my actual brain which was so severe. So I hope those are helpful. Take care.” – Lacey Anderson