Kim Strother’s Lyme Hack

Kim Strother

Lyme Disease Tip Summary:

Kim Strother, who has lived with Lyme disease for over 12 years, shares her most impactful strategy for managing her condition through dietary changes during our Lyme Hackathon:

  1. Transition in Diet: Previously a vegetarian for 16 years, Kim made a significant shift in her diet by adopting a paleo lifestyle. This change involved focusing on clean proteins and vegetables while eliminating sugar, dairy, and grains.
  2. Benefits of Paleo for Lyme: The paleo diet helps keep inflammation at bay, which is crucial for managing Lyme disease. By reducing inflammatory foods, Kim has noticed a significant improvement in how she feels daily.
  3. Recommendation for Others: Kim suggests that other Lyme disease patients consider trying a paleo diet as a potential “hack” to improve their health. She credits this lifestyle with consistently making her feel her best, despite the challenges of Lyme disease.
  4. Overall Health Improvement: By adhering to a paleo diet, Kim has found a reliable way to manage her symptoms and enhance her overall well-being, suggesting that dietary changes can be a powerful tool in the fight against Lyme disease.

Kim Strother’s experience highlights the potential benefits of dietary adjustments in managing chronic illnesses like Lyme disease. Her success with the paleo diet offers a valuable perspective for those exploring nutritional strategies to improve their health outcomes.

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Video Transcript:
“Hi, I’m Kim Strother and I am a 12-year-old Lyme patient, 20 years undiagnosed, and my biggest Lyme hack has been nutrition. I went from being a vegetarian for 16 years to making the complete opposite switch to a paleo lifestyle. So focusing on clean protein and veggies, cutting out sugar, dairy, and grains to keep inflammation at bay it has me always feeling my best. So if you are looking for a new hack, try following that paleo lifestyle and I hope you feel better too.” – Kim Strother