Janice’s Lyme Hack


Lyme Disease Tip Summary:

Janice shares her unique approach to managing Lyme disease through the use of a specific frequency therapy program during our Lyme Hackathon, offering hope and insight to those seeking alternative treatments:

  1. Choosing Frequency Therapy: Rather than pursuing traditional medical treatments involving multiple doctors, Janice opted for a frequency therapy program called Nikki frequency Lyme program. This decision was influenced by her desire to avoid the often exhausting process of consulting various specialists.
  2. Positive Outcomes: Janice reports that after starting the program, she observed a gradual reduction in her Lyme symptoms. Significant improvements became evident around the fourth month of treatment, confirming the effectiveness of the therapy for her condition.
  3. Life-Changing Results: The therapy not only alleviated her symptoms but also transformed her quality of life. Prior to using the frequency therapy, Janice feared she was developing serious neurological conditions like dementia and MS. However, her health has dramatically improved since then, alleviating those fears.
  4. Gratitude and Health: Janice expresses deep gratitude for the changes she has experienced. The success of the frequency therapy in her case highlights an alternative pathway for Lyme disease treatment that might be beneficial for others exploring non-traditional methods.

Janice’s story underscores the potential of alternative therapies like frequency treatment in managing and potentially overcoming Lyme disease, offering a hopeful perspective for those looking for different approaches to their health challenges.

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Video Transcript:
“Hey, Janice, is what do you use to help with your Lyme? Thanks for asking what I use to help me with my Lyme. So all I have ever used to help with my Lyme is our Nikki frequency Lyme program. Back in 2018, I heard about Lyme and heard about all the difficulties that people have going from doctor to doctor to doctor. And when I actually was diagnosed, I thought why would I go to different doctors and go down that path? So I just started using the Lyme frequency program, Nikki plus Lyme, and one by one my symptoms started to drop off. And after about the fourth month when something really, really significant happened to me, I started to realize oh my gosh, this is starting to work. And my life today is completely changed from what it was before. I was very terrified that I was getting dementia and MS. I am healthy and I’m so thankful.” – Janice